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Puzzles designed and/or crafted by Lee Krasnow.

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Lot 6413 - Metal Maze Burr

Est. value: $3,000

Winning bid: $4,600

Lot Closed

Metal Maze Burr by Kagen Sound / Lee Krasnow


Designer: Kagen Sound
Maker: Lee Krasnow

Size: 6x6x6cm

Notes: Brass and aluminum version of Kagen Sound's Maze Burr, made by Lee Krasnow. Each face has two moving plates: an inner "pin" plate and an outer "maze" plate. The pin-plate movement is blocked by neighboring maze-plates, and maze-plate movement is blocked by the pins! The steel pins are held in place by neodymium magnets on the bottom of the pin plates. There is an air gap so the pins never touch the magnets and damage the plating, The pins come to rest in dimples in the maze plates securing them in place. Very limited: only five produced.

The goal is always to remove the exit maze plate, which then allows the entire puzzle to be disassembled. The removable pins make it easy to configure a different problem. Includes the two exit and 10 standard maze plates normally provided with Maze Burrs; additionally, one extra maze plate that allows the problem with the greatest number of moves: 116, possible.

Includes 32 puzzle cards, each showing a configuration and solution, ranging from 6-115 moves. This puzzle is pre-set for problem 3 with 18 moves. (Two of the configurations include two exit plates, and choosing the wrong one can send you on a long endless path with no choose wisely!)

Includes a custom-built machined acrylic case to hold plates, frame burr sticks, cards, spare magnets and a spare pin. Also included is a thumb drive containing numerous photos, source files for the challenge cards, and a massive dump of all possible problems with 14 or more moves.


Lot 6415 - Slideways Cube

Est. value: $450

Winning bid: $210

Lot Closed

Slideways Cube by Ray Stanton/Lee Krasnow / Lee Krasnow

Partially Open

Designer: Ray Stanton/Lee Krasnow
Maker: Lee Krasnow

Edge: 5cm

Notes: Three identically shaped aluminum pieces form a cube via coordinate motion. Light wear on exterior; some light interior scratching due to normal sliding movement. Includes canvas storage bag. More information at Pacific Puzzleworks Gallery.


Lot 6416 - Sonneveld Four-Piece Cube

Est. value: $150

Winning bid: $195

Lot Closed

Sonneveld Four-Piece Cube by Dic Sonnenveld / Lee Krasnow


Designer: Dic Sonnenveld
Maker: Lee Krasnow

Edge: 2cm

Notes: Two pairs of identical solid brass pieces interlock to form a cube.


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