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Puzzles typical of an IPP Party, not appearing in other groups.

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Lot 4950 - Climb Pro 24

Est. value: $125

Winning bid: $160

Lot Closed

Climb Pro 24 by Minoru Abe

Designer/Maker: Minoru Abe

Size: 23x17x2cm

Notes: Move the red T to the top of the tray. The shortest known solution is 227 moves. This is the original style: tray made with finished wood and cork backing, and metallic insert so that the pieces slide smoothly.

Source: Patty Smith Collection


Lot 4970 - Repeating Box

Est. value: $150

Winning bid: $100

Lot Closed

Repeating Box by Eric Kelsic

Designer/Maker: Eric Kelsic

Size: 14x10x9cm

Notes: 12 moves to open box. Some panels have slight warp, and movement is tight in places, but still operational. Includes original box. Limited edition: 2/13.


Lot 4971 - Impossibly Locked Coin

Est. value: $25

Winning bid: $80

Lot Closed

Impossibly Locked Coin by Wil Strijbos

Designer/Maker: Wil Strijbos

Size: 10x3x2cm

Notes: Seemingly impossible object; goal is to remove the coin.


Lot 4973 - Camera Conundrum

Est. value: $175

Winning bid: $630

Lot Closed

Camera Conundrum by William Waite / Pelikan

Designer: William Waite
Maker: Pelikan

Size: 11x11x7cm

Notes: Seven interlocking pieces, with clever sequence of moves to open secret compartment, roughly mimicking normal camera operations. Honorable mention in the 2003 Puzzle Design Competition.


Lot 4974 - Caged Tetrahedron

Est. value: $25

Winning bid: $26

Lot Closed

Caged Tetrahedron

Edge: 7.5cm

Notes: Solid regular tetrahedron is trapped in cage with fixed bars on four sides, and square opening on the other two ends.


Lot 4991 - Tubed Cube

Est. value: $40

Winning bid: $92

Lot Closed

Tubed Cube by Frans de Vreugd

Designer: Frans de Vreugd

Size: 7x7x7cm

Notes: Soma Cube pieces made with hollow plastic blocks, and anchored to frame by six removal dowels.

Source: Dick Hess Collection


Lot 5010 - Doors and Drawers

Est. value: $75

Winning bid: $112

Lot Closed

Doors and Drawers by Mike Toulouzas / Pelikan and Mike Toulouzas

Designer: Mike Toulouzas
Maker: Pelikan and Mike Toulouzas

Size: 10x9x9cm

Notes: Framed 3-piece burr, with four handles, and three internal pieces to get in the way. Made from walnut, oak-fumed, katalox, and bubinga. Internal pieces can be hard to move. A few minor watermarks on frame.


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