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Lot 5576 - Ze EGG #1

Est. value: $75

Winning bid: $135

Lot Closed

Ze EGG #1 by Stephen Chin

Designer/Maker: Stephen Chin

Size: 6x4x4cm

Notes: Balance the egg on the pointy end. This was the IPP35 Exchange puzzle from Stephen Chin.


Lot 5638 - The Clive Cube

Est. value: $125

Winning bid: $165

Lot Closed

The Clive Cube by Simon Nightingale

Designer/Maker: Simon Nightingale

Stick length: 7cm

Notes: This is a very tricky six-piece burr hidden inside a solid cube. The was the IPP17 Exchange puzzle from Simon Nightingale.


Lot 5639 - Marbled Walnut Sheet Cake

Est. value: $150

Winning bid: $680

Lot Closed

Marbled Walnut Sheet Cake by Perry McDaniel

Designer/Maker: Perry McDaniel

Size: 7x7x5cm

Notes: Find the marble in the secret compartment. Dovetail fit and movement are excellent. This was the IPP26 Exchange puzzle from Perry McDaniel. Includes original box and solution sheet.


Lot 5640 - Burry Joint

Est. value: $125

Winning bid: $111

Lot Closed

Burry Joint by Bill Cutler and Jerry McFarland / Jerry McFarland

Designer: Bill Cutler and Jerry McFarland
Maker: Jerry McFarland

Stick length: 7cm

Notes: 13-piece burr. The three "middle" pieces are the key to the puzzle and move in an unusual way. This mechanism is protected from accidental discover by a common locking mechanism. Appears to be made from cherry, with glossy finish. This was Bill Cutler's IPP20 Exchange puzzle. Includes original information card.


Lot 5641 - Rhombic Crystal

Est. value: $200

Winning bid: $182

Lot Closed

Rhombic Crystal by Wayne Daniel / Interlocking Puzzles

Designer: Wayne Daniel
Maker: Interlocking Puzzles

Size: 8x8x6cm

Notes: 4-pieces make a golden rhombic icosahedron; some unusual movement. Made from chechen. This was an IPP17 Exchange puzzle from Abel Garcia. Includes original box.


Lot 5642 - Great Dodecahedron

Est. value: $150

Winning bid: $295

Lot Closed

Great Dodecahedron by David Bruce / Interlocking Puzzles

Designer: David Bruce
Maker: Interlocking Puzzles

Diameter: 8cm

Notes: Six-piece burr augmented to form the great dodecahedron (second stellation of the regular dodecahedron). Some gaps visible when assembled (see photo). See IPP17 photo of individual pieces. This was David Bruce's IPP17 Exchange puzzle. Includes original box.


Lot 5643 - Caged Burr

Est. value: $100

Winning bid: $80

Lot Closed

Caged Burr by Steve Smith / Interlocking Puzzles

Designer: Steve Smith
Maker: Interlocking Puzzles

Edge: 5.5cm

Notes: 6-piece burr assembles inside the cage; made from walnut and jatoba. Many assembles are possible; delivered as level 10 (28 total moves). This was the IPP19 Exchange puzzle from Robert Holbrook. Includes original box and information card.


Lot 5648 - Japanese Wood Joint Burr

Est. value: $250

Winning bid: $265

Lot Closed

Japanese Wood Joint Burr

Size: 11x11x11cm

Notes: Six identical pieces except that two have extra notches. Piece shapes were inspired by traditional Japanese wood joints, made in maple and redheart. A foam version was Frans de Vreugd's IPP18 Exchange puzzle. See assembled burr in photo of pieces with lot 5553 (slightly larger).


Lot 5649 - 4 Toast Puzzle

Est. value: $35

Winning bid: $50

Lot Closed

4 Toast Puzzle by Jean-Claude Constantin

Designer/Maker: Jean-Claude Constantin

Size: 13x13x2cm

Notes: Fit the four two-layered pieces into the frame. This was the IPP17 Exchange puzzle from Jean-Claude Constantin. Includes information card.


Lot 5710 - Fancy This!

Est. value: $100

Winning bid: $135

Lot Closed

Fancy This! by Stewart Coffin / Wayne Daniel

Designer: Stewart Coffin
Maker: Wayne Daniel

Diameter: 9 cm

Notes: This is Coffin design #115. Seven dissimilar pieces assemble sequentially and with coordinate motion. Key piece is loose. This was Nick Baxter's Exchange puzzle from IPP17.


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