Apothecary Chest
Supplementary Description

The Apothecary Chest is the culmination of a three-year collaboration between Robert Yarger and 11 other contributors. The chest holds 12 individual puzzles, and is itself a puzzle that locks the puzzles into place. A piston and gearing mechanism must be manipulated to release the individual puzzles. In some cases, you must use items found inside of a puzzle to make further progress with the Chest or other individual puzzles.

The chest is open in the back so that the solver can appreciate the mechanics. The mechanism that randomly pushes out drawers when another is pushed in is at times not totally reliable, but the open back also allows the solver to nudge components along if necessary. An original information and solution booklet for the chest is provided. Some artists have not included solutions for their individual puzzles though.

The chest is a limited edition; this is #14 of 15, and the second of two to be sold publicly.


Drawer Puzzles
(photos below are from Chest #15)

Matthew Dawson

Knight vs. Dragon
Robert Yarger

Parameter Motion
Kelly Snake

Reversal of Fortune
Jeff Aurand

A Twist of Fate
David Cooper

Trinary Box
Hiroshi Iwahara

Now What Box
Peter Hajek

Stephen Chin

Topless Box
Eric Fuller

Thick and Thin Garnet
Mark McCallum

Ferris' Puzzle Box
Peter Wiltshire

Blocks Away
Ron Locke



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